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I'm beyond excited to offer a copy editing and proofreading service for your manuscript. I've been an English teacher for 26 years, working in multinationals, Penguin Random House, and Ramon Llull University. Now I've combined my love of reading with a pedantic, eagle-eyed need to have everything just so.
Copyediting is the stage after developmental editing. It focuses on the mechanics of your story, typos, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, spelling, and syntax (sentence structure). I will also check style, language and readability, flagging repetitive words, phrases, inconsistencies in descriptions, names, etc. (for example, if your main character has brown eyes in one chapter and blue in another).
I'll check your manuscript line by line, paying attention to syntax, word choice, flow, and consistency. 
  • £12 to £23 per 1,000 words

Proofreading is the final step before publishing. Even after the previous stages and reading it countless times, pesky errors often remain. As an author, I understand and value the importance of having the best possible version when publishing or submitting to agents.
  •  £10 per 1,000 word
Please note that all prices provided are estimates and are subject to change based on the amount of work required. I will need a sample of your work to give you an accurate quote.

       I use Microsoft Word and will provide the following;

  •  Tracked changes document.
  •  Clean copy document with all accepted changes

       I will NOT;


  • Suggest changes to the storyline.

  • Reduce or restructure the text.
         Contact me, and I'll help you whip your book into shape!
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