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A shameful past connects three families with a secret that cannot stay buried forever.

1966. From Barcelona’s old town to the gypsy shacks on Somorrostro beach, the intertwined destiny of two generations is unravelling.

Margarita Marquez’s best friend has fallen in love with the mysterious Kiko. Uncharacteristically envious, Margarita yearns to meet someone to help her escape her mundane life and is thrilled when she meets a charming English artist.

Caught in the grip of alcohol dependence, Margarita’s mother, Carmen, is struggling as her past comes back to haunt her. She must try to heal the rift with her daughter and support her when the unthinkable happens.

Born in Somorrostro, Santi Calaf is determined to follow his dreams of becoming a doctor and is mentored by an ancient gypsy healer. He’s shocked when he discovers that she holds the key to the truth, and as her life ebbs away, the ghosts of Somorrostro can finally be laid to rest.

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